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The Value Proposition for Working with APM

What’s APM’s Value Proposition to Associations?

Association Project Management provides professional consulting and staffing services that keep your association focused on your critical objectives.  We provide strategic Member Recruitment, Retention, Engagement and Onboarding services created specifically to help you and your members meet your goals, as well as other project-based task completion services. Through exemplary work ethic, clearly defined workflow procedures, as well as a forward-looking perspective, we provide the outsourced solutions your association needs to grow.

Here’s why hiring an Independent Contractor is beneficial:

  • Financial Savings. Although most employers pay ICs more per hour (in most cases double to three times as much) than they would pay employees to do the same work, it usually ends up costing employers more to hire employees. Altogether, these payments can easily increase your payroll costs by 20% to 30%–or more.

Using independent contractors offers employers significant tax and non-tax advantages. Since employers are required to pay certain benefits and taxes on behalf of their employees, the financial benefits of having a large independent contractor workforce can be significant.

All payroll taxes and benefits are maintained by the individual contractor, who does not participate in your company-offered benefit plans.

Independent contractors work for themselves — they are treated as if they are running their own business. Thus, you are not the employer of an independent contractor, and you aren’t liable for payroll taxes or benefits for them, nor are they protected by workers’ compensation or most labor laws.

Independent contractors are usually paid based on their results (i.e., a flat rate per project, or a per-unit-completed rate) rather than the time they put in.

Additionally, you can save by virtue of their remote working environment through office space cost reduction – Independent contractors provide their own equipment, materials, and office space.

  • Flexibility in staffing projects. You can hire an IC for a specific task or project, knowing that the worker will be gone when the job is finished. You won’t have to face the trauma, expense and potential legal trouble that often accompany terminations and layoffs.

Independent contractors control the performance of the work based on their experience, special license, or special education or training required for the job.

In most cases, you tell them the outlines of the project that needs to be done and the due date, and they determine how to accomplish it, on their own schedule. The independent contractor provides the knowledge, experience, and labor to perform the job or provides other individuals to perform the job contracted.

  • Greater efficiency when you use ICs. Because most ICs bring specialized expertise to the job, they can usually be productive immediately, which eliminates the time and cost of training. By using ICs, you can expand and contract your workforce as needed, without taking on unnecessary expenses. Keep in mind, the IC has the authority to decide how to go about accomplishing tasks and does so without the employer’s input.
  • Reduced exposure to lawsuits. Employees have a wide array of rights under state and federal law–and therefore a variety of legal claims they can potentially bring against their employers for violating those rights. Because ICs are considered independent businesspeople, they are not protected by many of these laws.
Usually works for only one employer. Generally provides consulting services to more than one company.
Works the hours set by the employer. Sets his or her own hours.
Usually works at the employer’s place of business. Works out of his or her own office or home.
Often receives employment benefits, such as health and disability insurance. Does not receive employment benefits from the employer.
Works under the control and direction of the employer. Works relatively independently.
Accomplishes tasks in the manner the employer has requested. Has the authority to decide how to go about accomplishing tasks and does so without the employer’s input.
Tends not to incur costs or make investments in the work. Incurs the costs associated with performing the job.
Has a general education and experience background and receives special training from the employer in order to do the job better. Has acquired very specialized skills and comes to the working relationship with a particularized education and experience background.
Receives net salary after the employer has withheld income tax, Social Security and Medicare tax under the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA). Is not subject to tax or FICA withholding, but pays his or her own self-employment tax.
Will likely be eligible to receive unemployment compensation after layoff or termination. Is not eligible for unemployment compensation benefits.
Will receive worker’s compensation benefits for any workplace injury. Is not eligible for worker’s compensation benefits.
Generally (unless the employment is “at-will”) can be terminated by the employer only for good cause and with notice. Generally (unless the consulting contract is for a specified term) can be let go by the employer for any reason, at any time.
Is covered by federal and state wage and hour laws such as minimum wage and overtime rules. Is paid according to the terms of the contract and does not receive additional compensation for overtime hours worked.
Has the protection of workplace safety and employment anti-discrimination laws. Usually is not protected by employment anti-discrimination and workplace safety laws.
May be entitled to join or form a union. Is not entitled to join or form a union.

APM’s Owner, Andrew McElhannon has worked for the last 10 years in some compacity in the Membership arena, as Member Services Coordinator for IIAG – Independent Insurance Agents of Georgia (2009-16) and with IIANC – Independent Insurance Agents of North Carolina (2017-19), and IIABSC – Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of South Carolina (2019) as an Independent Contractor.

He works well independently, as well as part of a team in order to achieve desired goals.  He is respected by his colleagues, the members, and many peers in the Insurance Industry

In his previous roles, Andrew managed numerous projects, some under extreme stress or tight deadlines, but in exemplary fashion.  Andrew possesses strong organizational skills, excellent customer service skills, and the ability to prioritize competing and multiple projects.  He is also experienced in sales and business development and has a desirable work ethic.  Andrew spends time cultivating his general knowledge of the property and casualty insurance industry in order to better understand the members’ needs.

His efforts and desire to see a turn in the arena of member recruitment and retention will be well received by your organization.  He has demonstrated an ability to be empathetic to members and prospects alike and works hard to meet their expectations of what their association membership should be for them.

To Contact APM about its many services, reach out to Andrew McElhannon today at, or call him at 706-817-8204 to discuss your organization’s needs.

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