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Memberships Matter! Facebook LIVE Workshop

It’s time to step up as an association leader, disrupt the status quo and grow your memberships with high retention and less churn in 2020.

Join us for the June 15th, 2020 Live Workshop Event – Memberships Matter!  in our Facebook group, The Membership Tribe.

Our free, 5-day workshop (each day there will be one 30-45 min. session) will teach you the strategies you need to know, so you can pivot your membership program for success after the Corona Virus downturn and retain those all-important members, plus increase the number of NEW members and produce the biggest boost to your membership revenue while building your association and connecting with your industry people.

Inside the workshop, you will learn how to:

Turn your members into Raving Fans

Increase member retention

Optimize the member lifecycle

Manage member success

Refer members to valuable products, resources, and services not currently in their use, but ones which resolve a specific need they have

Generate new member referrals

Increase member lifetime value

Ready to move from trickling memberships to tripling memberships and disrupt the status quo in your industry?

The Memberships Matter! Live Workshop is your most effective way to do that –  one day at a time!

5 Daily sessions  – 45 minutes or less each day that can be the difference in your organization’s membership retention and growth this year!

Join us for FREE on June 15th, 2020!

Simply got to the Memberships Matter! Facebook Page and join the group. That’s it! it’s 100% Free!

The Membership Tribe

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