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Owners of small businesses, as well as Staff members with associations and non-profits of all sizes, find it challenging today to commit all of the necessary resources and time to the many specific projects for creating a Member Experience culture in their organization. Tasks and Projects such as data collection and reconciliation, member surveying, resource marketing, and simply making phone calls to engage members and promote special events, new product releases, continuing education programs, legislative functions, or increasing attendance in association events and programs just by making a more personal invitation can be handled by APM’s membership expert.
How APM can help your Organization

Association Project Management provides professional consulting and outsourced staffing services that keep your association focused on your critical objectives.

We provide strategic Member Recruitment, Retention, Engagement and Onboarding services created specifically to help you and your members meet your goals.  APM helps member-based organizations & professional trade associations achieve Member Success, stabilize their member retention and guarantee membership growth through Prospect Development and Member Recruitment, as well as Member Engagement and Concierge Onboarding.

Organizations implement our programs to sustain their current revenue, reduce losses due to churn (member non-renewal) and generate new revenue by creating Raving Fans® who evangelize new members that over time becomes automatic, organic growth. “Members begetting Members”.

Through exemplary work ethic, clearly defined workflow procedures as well as a forward-looking perspective, we provide the solutions your association needs to grow.

We excel in support services for organizations and help get some of those projects completed that seem to sometimes get back-burnered or just “fall off the radar.” Our motto is Projects completed… Problems solved!

My Name is Andrew McElhannon, and since 2017 I’ve been providing support services to small businesses, trade and professional associations, charitable and cause-based nonprofits, corporations, churches, and other organizations. I’ve been working in association management since 2009.

Through my company Association Project Management, we can offer your organization assistance in getting these very important projects completed so you can better focus on your members’ needs.

We’d like to discuss how APM can provide the best services to you and your organization. Please reach out to me soon, and let’s discuss what challenges I can help you overcome.

Andrew McElhannon, CPCS (Chief Project Completion Specialist), 2017

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